Treating cold during pregnancy

You have all these wonderful medications that you can take to releive your cold symptoms. However, when you are pregnant (at least if you live in continental Europe) you are forbidden to take most of these medications. This can be quite dissapointing when you are eight months pregnant, suffering from lot of other issues that come with pregnancy. But how to treat cold during pregnancy?

What really helps treating cold during pregnancy

When I spoke to my doctor or to the local pharmists, there was not much they could do to help me. There were tablets that could help me to cough (not to reduce it but to increase it) and that was it. Ofcourse resting was also recommended. During the third week of coughing I finally took my husband’s advise and tried a nasal wash. Within a week the cold was gone.

As I had been sick for more than three weeks, it was difficult to judge whether the nasal wash had really helped. It surely helped me breathing but I could not be sure whether it was the real cure.

Two weeks after the “four week cold”, the cold came back. It was a real mood killer, appearing one day before my scheduled due date. However, by using the nasal wash twice per day I got rid of the cold within two or three days. I was so amazed by the fantastic result and can now conclude that this is “a must have”.

Having only tried one type of nasal wash, I am not one to judge which one is the best. Cleaning the nose effectively is however important to get rid of all the bacteria. In my case I used the German brand Emser Nasendusch Nasanita.

Emser nasal wash - The perfect thing to combat cold during pregnancy
Emser nasal wash – The perfect thing to combat cold during pregnancy

How does the nasal wash work?

The nasal wash comes with salt solution which you need to mix with water. Depending on which brand you are using the instructions will guide you on how much salt and water you should use. In order to demonstrate how the “Emser Nasendusch Nasanita” works, a video has been embeded here below. It is in German, but I think you get the full picture by watching the video.

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