Baby spiral socks – Knitting pattern that is easy!

If you are looking for a knitting pattern for baby socks that is extremely easy to follow you have found the right one: “Baby spiral socks”. The only thing you need to know is how cast on stiches, to knit and purl and how to knit and purl two together. If you do not know these basics you can follow few YouTube videos which I have embedded below.

Baby spiral socks
Baby spiral socks
Yarn and needels

For this pattern I used Baby Cashmerino Tonals from Debbie Bliss, which is intended for needel size 3.25 mm. I however used needel size 2.5 mm for this pattern because I knitted socks for a newborn.

Knitting pattern

Cast on 28 stiches (size for newborn) and form a ring with four needels. If you want a bigger size you can add 4 stiches (or 8, 12, 16 etc.) or use larger needels.

  • Rounds 1-6: *Knit 2 stiches and purl 2 stiches* (*-* means repeat the whole round).
  • Rounds 7-9: Purl 1 stich, *knit 2 stiches, purl 2 stiches*, purl 1 stich.
  • Rounds 10-12: *Purl 2 stiches, knit 2 stiches*.
  • Rounds 13-15: Knit 1 stich, *purl 2 stiches, knit 2 stiches*, knit 1 stich.
  • Rounds 16-18: *Knit 2 stiches, purl 2 stiches.

Rounds 7-18 are repeated until the sock can be measued 10 cm (or as long as you want it to be).

Decreasing stiches

It is best to start decreasing the stiches when you are repeating round 10 (where you start the round with 2 purl stiches and 2 knit stiches).

  • Round 1: Purl the purl stiches two together (p2tog), knit the knit stiches.
  • Round 2: Purl the purl stiches and knit the knit stiches.
  • Round 3: Knit the knit stiches two together (k2tog), purl the purl stiches.
  • Round 4: Knit the knit stiches and purl the purl stiches.
  • Round 5: Knit two together (k2tog) and repeat until end of the round.

Cut a tail of yarn long enough to thread through remaining stiches on needle and using your tapestry needle thread through all stiches and pull together and secure tightly.

Video – The basics you need to know to knit baby spiral socks

Here below is a short video with the basics you need to know to be able to knit baby spiral socks; how cast on stiches, to knit and purl and how to knit and purl two together.

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