Protecting the floor from muddy pram wheels?

When preparing for the birth of our first child, my husband and I made a list of things we (and the internet) considered necessary to have. The first item on the list was a baby pram. We soon discovered after having bought the pram that we needed a good place to park it.  The only option for us was to park it inside our apartment. Our apartment has nice but very fragile wooded floors, which wet pram wheels could easily damage. There was absolutley no way that the wooden floors could survive the winter if we were to safely store the pram inside our apartment. So the question came up, how to protect the floor from wet and muddy pram wheels?

The next project was to find a rescue plan for the wooden floors. After having asked some experienced parents and searched on google by using several different keywords in different languages I finally found something called the Buggy Keeper, made in Germany.

What is a Buggy Keeper?

The Buggy Keeper is a plastic cover where you can park your baby pram on (or any four-wheel transportation you have chosen for your baby). It ensures cleanliness in your home and protects your high-quality floor. The Buggy Keeper is made out of two plastic pieces connected together, which allows you to adjust it to the length of your pram (variable lengths from 101.5 to 117.5 cm). The price on Buggy Keeper’s website and on Amazon is EUR 49.00.

The Buggy Keeper
The Buggy Keeper

As illustrated in the video below, the Buggy Keeper is a quite simple solution for parents that do not have a extra storage place where they can leave a wet pram. It is made out of light plastic and is very easy to clean. It is easy to assamble and disassemble and it does not take much space; if you do not use it every day you can for example store it under or behind the sofa. You could also use the Buggy Keeper to protect the boot of your car, after a nice Sunday walk through the muddy woods with the pram.

Now I am much less worried about parking the pram inside our apartment. I wonder however why not more solutions are on the market. Please send me a message or leave a comment if you have other ideas on how to protect the floor.

Unwrapping the Buggy Keeper


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  1. Charles, a donde te vas?? No sabia nada, entiendo que implica un crecimiento personal y profesional. Vivir afuera un tiempo es una experiencia que suma mucho, no sólo para conocer nuevas realidades de vida y nueva gente sino también para valorar el doble tus raices y tu tierra. Mucha suerte!!

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